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Awards and Publications




"Vanishing Point," Water~Stone Review, 2022


"Forged for Strength," Writing Disorder, 2022


"Stones," finalist for Ruminate’s VanderMey Nonfiction Prize, 2022





"The Junk Tree," Northridge Review, 2000




"Eulogy for Love," California Quarterly, 2021


"Arrivals and Departures," California Quarterly, 2021


“God’s Eyes,” Mayflower Pulpit, 2000


“Lost and Found,” The J Man Times, 2000


“Mine,” River King, 2000


“The Creation of the World in Six Days,” Conscience, 1999


“Saving Jesus,” Conscience, 1999


“Make Sure You Understand the Question Before You Choose an Answer," Conscience, 1999


“Mr. Fix-It," Concho River Review, 1999


“To the Man Who Handed Me a Love Letter,” Poetry Motel, 1999


"Bodybuilding,” Poem, 1998


“Icon,” Poem, 1998


“Ode to the Tumor,” Poem, 1998


"Safety Checklist to Myself,” Portland Review, 1997


“Errands,” Portland Review, 1997"


"Instant Gratification," Portland Review, 1997


"Safety Checklist to Myself," Portland Review, 1997


"Iron Supplements," Talus and Scree, 1997


        "Ode to the Teleprompter," Heeltap, 1997


        "Spoon Food," Generator, 1997


        "Small," Puckerbrush Review, 1997


"Learning to Speak," The Ledge, 1997


"The Limitations of Flash," The Ledge, 1997


"The Ventriloquist's Alibi," Hammers, 1997


        "Chains," Slightly West, 1997


"Making the Most of the Future," Tight, 1997


"Goods," Tight, 1997


        "How the World Creates a Legend," Sheila-Na-Gig, 1997


"Late Night News Before the Turn of the Millennium," Sheila-Na-Gig, 1997


"Working Conditions of the Uterus," Sheila-Na-Gig, 1997

        "Casino," South Dakota Review, 1997


"The Stamp Collector," South Dakota Review, 1997


"How to Hold a Room Together," Poems & Plays," 1997


"Emergency Room," Poetalk, 1997


"Daylight Savings," Poetalk, 1997


"Cleaners," Parting Gifts, 1997


"The History of Black," Parting Gifts, 1997


"Ode to the Electrical Outlet," Parting Gifts, 1997


"Insomnia," Spelunker Flophouse, 1997


"The Parking Garage Attendant Learns About Black Holes," The Pacific Review, 1996

 "Small Talk," The Centennial Review, 1995


"The History of Mold," Mississippi Valley Review, 1995

"Seven Below Zero," Whiskey Island Magazine, 1993


"Remembering." Whiskey Island Magazine, 1993

"Eclipse," Cornfield Review, 1993


        "Men at Home Form the Factory," College English, 1993


"The History of Burden," Toad Highway Magazine, 1993


"The School of the Sun," Wisconsin Academy Review, 1993

"The Train," Wisconsin Academy Review, 1993


        "Our End," Case Reserve Review, 1993


"The History of Red," Notes From the Underground," 1991


 “Housedress," International Poetry Review, 1990


    “Shut," Poet’s Corner, 1990


“Carnival,” Poet’s Corner, 1990


    “Severed,” Touchstone, 1990

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© 2022 by Jean McDonough

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