Jean McDonough is an artist living in Woodstock, Illinois. She creates single-edition monoprints by painting on gelatin printing plates and then hand-pressing the image onto paper.

    Love at the Border

    Your hand on my arm

    is a moon over a field 

    of wasted wheat:

    I will rise from this death.


    Ghost passing through walls

    and wind through the year, 

    eye to eye you are mine,

    a Pentecost blast.


    Blood I am and cannot master,

    office of skin and pity.

    Without you I am 

    nothing but blood delta,

    a manifest of holy 

    ghost and pine whisper.


    Hold my vast ocean,

    hand cupped to my ear.

    There wave meets sand.

    Day begins and ends.


    I mark midnight mourning 

    you my lost love,

    coast to country cost

    this last day into deep 

    marine night, a turning tide 

    of birth and death.

    Our moment becomes 

    the past.


    Eye to eye we are one.

    I war at our border.

    Woodstock, Illinois, USA  / / 815.236.9272   


    © 2019 by Jean McDonough